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Tuberculosis (TB) tests

If you are from a country where TB is prevalent, you are obligated to undergo a test for TB.


The TB test consists of a tuberculin skin test, an X-ray of your lungs and a blood test, if necessary. TB is an infection that can affect a number of your organs. The most crucial form to identify is pulmonary TB. It can be fatal if left untreated. TB tests are part of the municipality’s programme to prevent and combat TB.

A person with TB has the duty to comply with their doctor’s instructions and, if necessary, allow themselves to be isolated to prevent the disease from spreading to others.

Target group

The following people are required to undergo a TB test, c.f. Chapter 3 of the Regulations on tuberculosis control:

  • People staying more than three months in Norway who require a residence permit, registry certificate or residence card and who are from countries where TB is prevalent
  • Refugees and asylum seekers from countries with a high prevalence of TB
  • People who intend to work in health care services, as teachers or in other positions where they are in contact with children and who in the last three years have come from or stayed at least three months in countries where TB is prevalent.

Charges/Cost of the service

The TB test is free. This also applies to transportation expenses.


TB testing is part of the infection control plans required of the municipality.

Chapter 3 Duty to undergo TB testing, implementation and follow-up etc. of the Regulations on tuberculosis control

Section 7-1 Duties of the municipality and Section 7-3 Responsibility of the regional health trust of the Act relating to the control of communicable diseases.


Guidelines – applying for, or receiving the service

The municipality must ensure that testing is carried out as soon as possible. Refugees and asylum seekers must be tested within fourteen days of their entry into Norway. Individuals intending to take up work must have a chest X-ray to examine their lungs before assuming the position. The skin test and follow-up can take place later.

Possibilities to appeal; procedure

It is possible to apply for exemption from TB testing. If you are denied, you may appeal the decision within a deadline of three weeks from the date on which you received the decision. Explain what you are dissatisfied with and why you believe the decision should be changed. If you need guidance, you can enquire with the municipality. If the municipality upholds its decision, the case will be passed on to the county governor, who will determine whether the appeal should be sustained. Decisions concerning isolation made by the Infection Control Board may be overruled by the district court.

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