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School environment - Bullying

Bullying is not allowed. The school will intervene immediately if someone is bothered, tormented og bullied at school or on their way to or from school.  


If a child is subjected to bullying, violence, discrimination or harassment, the child has the right to have the school enact immediate countermeasures. All school employees have the duty to pay attention, investigate, report and, where necessary, take action as early on as possible. 

All school students have the right to a good psychosocial environment that promotes health, well-being and learning. Students and their parents/guardians have the right to be heard, informed and involved in the planning and implementation of a safe and secure school environment.

When enacting measures against bullying, the school will make a written plan and document what is done to fulfil the school’s duty to take action.

Target group

  • Students in primary through upper secondary school
  • Students who participate in the day-care facilities for school children programme and the homework help programme.


See in particular Chapter 9A of the Education Act and Section 2-4 of the Independent School Act.

Forskrift om helse og miljø i barnehager, skoler og skolefritidsordninger

Guidelines – applying for, or receiving the service

As a student or parent, you can report cases of bullying, violence, discrimination or harassment to the principal. 

The county governor monitors to make sure that the school fulfils its duties. If more than one week has passed since you contacted the principal, you can also contact the county governor directly. You can do so verbally or in writing, on paper or online. You are required, however, to provide your name and school so that the county governor can process the case.

Administrative procedure

The school will work continuously and systematically to promote a safe and secure school environment.

If bullying is suspected or reported, the school will take action immediately. Those involved will be informed and heard, and the school will make a written plan of action.

Time taken to consider the application

The school has the duty to investigate the case as soon as possible.

Possibilities to appeal; procedure

Students and their parents can report the case to the county governor if more than one week has passed since the case was reported to the principal.

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