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Municipal loans (social loans)

It is possible to get a loan from the municipality if you are struggling with getting a loan from a bank. You must, however, be able to repay the loan.


The social services can give out loans as a form of financial support. You may only be granted a loan if at the time of applying you have funds—or are entitled to funds—that are not actually available. For example, you might be in the process of selling a car or flat, or you might be waiting on a paycheck or unemployment benefits.

Target group

Those who are temporarily unable to cover the cost of their own subsistence such as food, clothing, rent and electricity, or who are in a difficult life situation and need financial assistance.


The basic conditions for obtaining a loan are the same as for other financial support. Loans can be given to those unable to ensure their own means of subsistence or who need a loan in order to cope with a difficult life situation. In addition, it must be clear that the applicant will be able to repay the loan.

Brochures, documents, maps, etc.


The municipality decides whether the financial support will be given in the form of a loan. See in particular Sections 18, 19, 21 and Chapter 2 of the Social Services Act.


Guidelines – applying for, or receiving the service

Contact NAV for assistance with applying for a loan.

Administrative procedure

The municipality (NAV) will assess your financial situation and can suggest several solutions. A decision will then be made. The decision will indicate whether or not you have been granted the loan and what conditions will apply.

Time taken to consider the application

The municipality is obligated to process the case as soon as possible. If the municipality cannot reach a decision on your case within one month, you will be informed in writing of the reason as to why, and you will also be provided with details about when it expects to make a decision.

Possibilities to appeal; procedure

You may appeal the decision within a deadline of three weeks from the date on which you received the decision. Send your appeal to the authority that made the decision. Indicate in your appeal what part of the decision you wish to be changed and provide justification for the changes. The municipality will be able to offer you guidance. The county governor serves as the administrative appeal body. Before your appeal is sent there, the municipal authority that made the decision will consider whether there is reason to change it.

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