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Instruction in Norwegian language for people living in asylum reception centres

Asylum seekers will be given instruction i Norwegian language, culture and values. The municipality where the asylum reception centre is located is responsible for the course. As an asylum seeker, you are obligated to attend the course.


This is a service for asylum seekers living in asylum reception centres. You will be offered a course consisting of 175 hours of instrucion in the Norwegian language and 50 hours of instrucion in the Norwegian culture and values. You are obligated to attend the course.

If you later are given a residence permit, you will be offered a place on the Introduction programme.

Target group

Asylm seekers over the age of 16, living in asylum reception centres, and not yet having recieved a decision on the asylum case.


You cannot attend the course if

  • you are part of the 48-hours Procedure
  • you are part of the Dublin Procedure
  • you are over the age of 18 and have been denied process of your application
  • you have recieved a decision on your application.

Charges/Cost of the service

The service is free.


The municipality is obligated to provide this service. See in particular Chapter 4 A of the Introduction Act.


Time taken to consider the application

The municipality is obligated to provide the course as early as possible after arrival to the reception centre.

Possibilities to appeal; procedure

You can appeal decisions concerning
  • Leaves of absence
Your appeal must be submitted within a deadline of three weeks from the date on which you received the decision. Explain what you are dissatisfied with and why you believe the decision should be changed. If you need guidance, you can enquire with the municipality. If the municipality upholds its decision, the case will be passed on to the county governor, who will determine whether the appeal should be sustained.

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