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Access rights to public documents

You have the right to request access to public documents, records and similar registers.


You have the right to request access to public documents, records and similar registers. All documents in the municipality are public, unless they are covered by an exemption as authorized by law. Although a document may be exempt from public disclosure, the municipality shall consider whether the document should nevertheless be disclosed in whole or in part (additional access). A document is not only paper-based information, but in principle all information that is stored. You will still only have access to databases if the information can be retrieved in an easy manner.
You may be denied access to internal documents, but as a general rule, you can still obtain access to:

  • The case list or supporting documents for the municipal council or other elected municipal body
  • Documents to/from the municipality's control committee, appeals board or municipal audit
  • Documents to/from departments in the administration who have independent decision-making authority for the case associated with the document


If you require access to case documents, the requirement must apply to a particular case, or to a reasonable extent matters of a particular nature.

Charges/Cost of the service

The municipality may charge for print-outs, copies and for forwarding when this concerns more than 100 pages in a matter. A charge of NOK 1 may be made for each page over 100 and for the entire forwarding. Special charges apply to high quality copies.

Guidelines – applying for, or receiving the service

A public post journal is a list of incoming and outgoing post to a public body. This lists the headline of the case and the document, and the name of the sender or receiver of the documents. Once you have found a document that you want to order, please request access in writing or orally. The municipality also has a duty to help you locate documents through the filing system.

Time taken to consider the application

Requirements for access shall be settled as quickly as possible. This usually means on the same day or within 1-3 working days. If you have not received a response within 5 working days from when the municipality received your request, this shall be considered a refusal.

Possibilities to appeal; procedure

If your claim is rejected, the municipality shall refer to the provision that forms the basis for the refusal. The municipality shall also refer to the right of appeal and the time limit. The county prefect is the appeals authority, but the appeal shall be sent to the municipality. You also have the right to appeal if you have not received a response within five working days after the municipality has received the request. This is then considered as a refusal.
The appeal shall be decided as soon as possible. In connection with the processing of the appeal, the county prefect may also decide that the document should be disclosed in whole or in part according to the rule on additional access.

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